Plaquemine Grassroot PVC Plant
Shintech Louisiana, LLC

James Construction Group (JCG) was the prime site development contractor on Shintech’s 300-acre grassroot PVC plant in Plaquemine, Louisiana. In addition to earthwork, this contract included installation of underground piping as well as concrete paving of perimeter and interior roadways in the CA, VCM, and PVC areas of the plant. Crews from all three divisions of JCG—I&M, Industrial, and Heavy Civil—worked on site simultaneously to complete all phases of the contract.

As the site development work neared completion, Shintech awarded JCG two contracts to install civil foundations, followed by a contract for the PVC plant area mechanical work.

Site Development

JCG’s Infrastructure & Maintenance Division self-performed the following activities to prepare the site for plant construction.

·    Excavation/embankment of 400,000 CY of onsite fill
Lime stabilization totaling 140,000 SY (under roads and railroad sites)
Placement of 150,000 tons of limestone (roads, parking areas, and railroad sites)
Installation of 23,000 LF of ADS drainage pipe

Project Value:  $10,000,000


Underground Piping

The Industrial Division of JCG performed the following work in association with development of the Shintech grassroots site:

·    Installation of underground firewater loop, which included 18,220 LF of PVC pipe
Installation of concrete culvert boxes and outfall structures for site drainage system
Installation of 9,840 LF of PVC pipe for the underground firewater loop in the PVC, CA,
     and VCM areas

Installation of 2,279 LF of large-bore carbon steel cooling water pipe in the CA and VCM areas

Project Value:  $4,153,000


Concrete Paving

The Concrete Paving Operations of JCG’s Heavy Civil Division was enlisted to construct the plant site’s perimeter and interior roadways. Utilizing JCG’s portable concrete batch plant, the paving crew was able to efficiently execute this project, which entailed the following:

·    Construction of 104,335 SY of 8˛-thick Portland Cement Concrete Pavement for perimeter
    and interior roads

85,000 CY of soil cement stabilization

Project Value:  $5,700,000


Concrete Foundations

·    Installation of 1,400 pipe rack foundations
Installation of foundations for south tank yard
Site preparation of utility block
Installation of underground pipe
Placement/installation of 9,000 CY of concrete and 360 tons of rebar for major foundations
    such as waste-water treatment pit and clarifiers

Installation of ancillary foundations

Project Value:  $10,971,000


PVC Area Mechanical

·    Erection of 1,967 tons of pipe rack structural steel, which included all blocks of the PVC unit
Installation of 131,000 LF total of carbon steel, stainless steel, and jacketed pipe
Equipment and vessel setting – 2,067 pieces

Project Value: $25,400,000

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Site development by Keith A Horton, LLC